Primary Care School Board, Health Education England currently has 5 key priorities:


1.       Retention of the primary care workforce – how can we support learners to stay, linking to recognition of learning environments and working with employers to improve retention.

2.       Ensuring distribution and skill mix of the primary care workforce meets population health need.

3.       Ensuring workforce development links to changes in clinical systems and pathways – proposed that the PCS Board would receive regular updates as clinical service develops to ensure connection to discussion on future workforce education and training.

4.       Ensuring equality and diversity is supported in our education and workforce development London Workforce Race Strategy (WRES) will be fully supported and implemented.     

5.       Primary Care Anchor Networks: widening access to quality work mindful on inequalities, increased local collaboration and purchasing; using local buildings for community purposes and ability to positively influence economic recovery.


We are looking to appoint a Primary Care Anchor Network Project Manager who will support NWL  Training Hubs with PCAN work and activity.


Primary Care Anchor Networks have the potential to create and sustain vibrant and healthy communities through increasing the recruitment of local people into Primary and Community Care roles, widening access and offering more developmental, training and educational opportunities. Through a community asset-based approach; focusing on promoting, developing, and utilising community resources in a range of ways, PCANs will:

·       Work collaboratively with all stakeholders to align with the London NHS anchors programme objectives

·       Improve inequity and increase opportunities for underrepresented groups including those with learning disabilities, language barriers as well as those residing in hostels and the homeless

·       Support workforce and communities in recovery

·       Engage with communities to develop and endorse an effective strategy, communications and recruitment plan

·       Consider ways to contribute to reducing NHS environmental impact as well as purchasing from local partners


The Project Manager will report to the NWL Training Hub Board which is accountable to the London Primary Care School Board.

The position is  fixed term for the duration of a year- this may be extended in year.


Please read job description attached 

job Summary & Outcomes

The role will include (but not limited to):


1.       Reskilling communities as our primary purpose.

2.       Develop strong links with external organisations such as Local colleges and Job Centres

3.       Supporting Training Hubs in relation to PCAN activity.

4.       Regular reporting to NWL Training Hub and HEE.

5.       Attendance of identified relevant boards/meetings.

6.       Develop strong links with HEE apprenticeship lead and promote apprenticeships across the ICB.

7.       Providing local promotion & advertising through locality Training Hubs. This may include but not limited to:

·       Newsletters and communications across primary, community and voluntary sector organisations

·       Information webinars

·       Utilisation of regular educational webinars training hubs run

8.       Providing feedback and insight to influence activity going forward.

9.       Ongoing liaison with relevant bodies relating to PCAN activity

10.   Report on activities through their ICS TH to Primary Care School Board to ensure quality of programme across London.

11.   Obtaining formative feedback from relevant bodies/stakeholders to inform evaluation


Support within the role

·       Line Management: Hammersmith and Fulham Training Hub

·       Administrative support: Training Hub teams

·       Website updates: Training Hub teams 

·       Report writing: Individual supported by Training Hub team 

·       Survey development: Training Hub teams


Relevant Meetings with ad hoc attendance

·       London Primary Care School Board (2 hours, bi-monthly)

·       Training Hub Boards

·       Borough meetings across our 8 NWL boroughs/meetings with PCN leads

·       Help with recruitment activities where required

Reporting Requirements

·       Training Hub Board, written update paper

·       London Primary Care School Board, written update paper

·       KPIs

·       Input/ contribute thoughts to- Investment & Activity Plan

Input/ contribute thoughts to- CPD and workforce development funding planning 


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