Anna Jarmuziewicz - Success Story

Client story so far….


Miss Anna Jarmuziewicz is a single parent working part time as a Book Keeper. She resides in private rented accommodation and receives housing benefit.  Her dream is to become an accountant but due to financial constraints she’s been unable to undertake the courses necessary to start her career. She approached her employer to see if they could offer financial support but due to their own financial limitations they were unable to assist her.

She contacted the us after receiving some information about the skills escalator project. She is now engaging with the project and so far, she has received funding for 5 modules of ACCA, which she is very pleased and excited about.  She has been given a conditional employment offer of an Accounts Manager role with an income of £40,000 per annum by her current employer subject to completion of the modules.  On an income of £40,000 she will no longer be entitled to housing benefits saving the council £10,355.28 per annum.



What has been the impact/outcomes for the client(s)?

Miss Jarmuziewicz  is very pleased, and she cannot wait to start and complete the modules



Client quote(s)

Good afternoon, Elizabeth,


I would like to send my biggest gratitude for your fantastic help. I am moved and excited that I was given such a fantastic opportunity and can’t wait to be able to continue my journey with ACCA from September. I set up a tough deadline for myself to study 5 subjects next year and thanks to your help I’m sure my life will change for better.  I can’t wait to contact you next summer to let you know how my circumstance will have changed. I have massive ambitions and I am so grateful that I was given an opportunity to continue my education. As a single mother it would be a struggle to be able to fund the qualifications by myself. I will do my best to be able to give back to the community all the help I have been offered. I am thankful and obliged to do my best.


Thank you so much for being so supportive and I appreciate how smooth this process was. My experience so far was fantastic and I would advise everyone who want to change their life and become independent (especially single parents who can’t afford to pay for their education or additional training to contact Elizabeth)


I wish you all the best and sending my appreciation. Thank you so much!


Best Regards


Anna Jarmuziewicz








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