Lucasz  Martin-Kostrzanowski - Success story

Mr Martin-Kostrzanowski is a Father who reached to the Work Hounslow service with the motivation of moving from self-employed status to full time work.


Mr Martin-Kostrzanowski had a previous college education, work experience and was enrolled on a level 6 Site Manager qualification when he registered with the service.


Working in collaboration with the Employment Advisor allowed for the clients needs to be heard and a realistic action plan to be developed in line with clients desired outcome. Initial careers information, advice and guidance was provided around CV writing and a good CV was made stronger by tailoring and updating as required. The Work Hounslow team effectively communicated Mr Martin-Kostrzanowski’s case and using the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda, our Employment Engagement Coordinator was able to connect Mr Martin-Kostrzanowski to Kier Construction who offered a free work placement for Mr Martin-Kostrzanowski.


This enabled Mr Martin-Kostrzanowski to be able to complete the practical element of his level 6 Sit Manager qualification and to finish the course and obtain his level 6 Site Manager qualification. Having developed the necessary skills and knowledge, Mr Martin-Kostrzanowski work placement resulted in local Employment, working as a Site Manager with a Hounslow based company.



Client quote(s)

I have received a professional help and hints that helped me to update my CV. As soon as CV was approved after 1st attempt of applying for work, I have received offer to complete my study in Kier who was offering work placement and helped to obtain all necessary documentation.


I am extremely happy and very lucky that I have meet such a professional and experienced team in Kier. All Managers I have got a pleasure to work with were doing their very best to help me out through my study. All information I needed was ready in short time together with clear explanation of what certain paperwork stands for and when is needed. Because they took my case seriously and spent time helping me out, I managed to complete study in just over 2 weeks.


Future plans? - It's to work for a big construction company where I can develop all my skills and get even more professional experience and knowledge.


Employer Quote


Adviser quote


Mr Martin-Kostrzanowski was a pleasure to work with. Engagement was maintained to a high standard and effective communication with the client, team and employer’s allowed for agreed actions to be met in a timely manner- resulting in desired outcome being achieved.


I am thrilled that not only was Mr Martin-Kostrzanowski able to finish his level 6 Site Management qualification but that he was swiftly offered employment from one of Hounslow’s local employers.

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