Julian Lavender

Resident story before contact with the Skills Escalator:

I had been a graduate of Environmental Science at Kingston University in 2020, who was wanting to pursue a career in the green sector. Around this time period Covid – 19 arose and had put my career prospects on hold. I managed to obtain other work in the meanwhile but there wasn’t any career progression in what I wanted to do. I was notified by a friend that this course was available and therefore I decided to apply and see if this would result in employment within the Green sector.


How were you dealt with when you contacted the Skills Escalator

When expressing my interest for the bootcamp I was greeted in a friendly manner and was well informed by the skills escalator advisor about how the programme would go. It was mentioned to me that I would need to attend all days from the four week programme. This was initially a challenge as I was currently at the time in full time employment and therefore it would be difficult for me to attend. I had to make a really difficult decision on whether to forfeit my previous work to be able to attend. The skills escalator advisor was very understanding of this and made sure that I had all the information for me to make the right decision for me.


Did the Skills Escalator meet your expectation?

Fortunately making the decision to leave my previous role to attend the Bootcamp was the best decision I’ve made. The course went above and beyond on what I initially had preconceptions on. The course was facilitated and managed by a great team which made the process very enjoyable and comfortable for us to be able to learn the material.


In your own words how will you describe the Skills Escalator

The skills escalator project is a fantastic opportunity for people who like being outdoors and think of wanting to pursue a career in the green sector. This course really did give you all the necessary tools and skills gained from the training, to be able to be more confident when looking for work in the green sector. The programme itself is in its infancy as this is the first of its kind (as I’m aware of ) of something like this being advertised to the public by the council. In my opinion it is worth more than what it initially appears at face value and will provide the blueprint for similar projects to come in the future.


Will you recommend the Skills Escalator to other people?

I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in the green sector, I have already mentioned about my time at the Bootcamp to people I come across. Through this I have inspired interest in the programme.


How has the Skills Escalator changed or made a difference in your life?

From the skills escalator I managed to obtain an invaluable amount of skills and knowledge that has built upon what i have already know from my degree but has put it into a clearer perspective within a work setting. From taking the risk to leave my previous role I have managed to successfully obtain work from it.

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