The Project QS – Level 3 is required to attend EHS awareness training, familiarise themselves with the EHS policy and manual and work in accordance with the EHS management system.


It is expected that the Project QS Level 3 (PQS L3), having completed appropriate training within the Company or elsewhere, will manage and be responsible / accountable, with the assistance of sub-ordinate QS’s, for three concurrent projects totalling a value of c.€ 20m plus. Degree qualified with a minimum 5 - 8 years post-grad experience. He/she will manage the project(s) from inception (tender handover) right through to agreement of the Final Account. He/she will be answerable to their Superiors within the QS Department, who will also assist to the best of their ability to develop and encourage further experience for the PQS L3 to attain a higher level within the QS Department. It is intended that the PQS L3, if he she has not already achieved Chartership, will pursue with the assistance of his/her Superiors Associateship of the Society of Chartered Surveyors (and associated Membership of the R.I.C.S.). The responsibilities within this Job Brief are as outlined below;



A.Subcontractor Management


Appointment of Subcontractors


•The BoQ will be examined and a list compiled of packages of work.

•The entire BoQ should be marked (colour coded) so that every item is allocated to a specific package.

•The Project QS together with the Contracts Manager should ensure that packages are defined as per Frencon Guidelines, to include all relevant items including all subcontractor prelims and preambles.

•The packages should be entered into the initial Procurement Schedule on the Database.

•Based on the BoQ and contract documents a tender document will be produced for each subcontractor package. This document should be easily read and easily priced by the subcontractor and will include composite rates.

•A shortlist of suitable subcontractors will be drawn up, entered on the database and reviewed with the Senior QS for suitability.

•The shortlist should include a range of subcontractors with the capacity to undertake the work including new subcontractors.

•If a subcontractor is already contracted to a Frencon project consideration should be given to his capacity to take on additional work, prior to issuing a tender for another project

.• If the subcontractor is already working on his first project for Frencon then he should not be asked to tender until his work on that project is 80% complete.

•In general a subcontractor should not be contracted on more than 2 no. Frencon projects at any one time. If a subcontractor is already engaged on 2 no. Frencon projects he should not be asked to tender for another project.

•Any exceptions to these guidelines must be authorised by the Senior Contracts Manager or a Director with their signature of the Shortlist Approval Form. In this case it should be demonstrated (and documented accordingly) by the Contracts Manager and the QS that the said subcontractor has the capacity necessary to complete the project for which he is being shortlisted for tender.

•If a subcontractor has not worked for Frencon previously the project QS will obtain 2 references from recent clients and maintain a record of same. If there is any doubt a 3rd reference should be obtained.

•A minimum of 5 quotations for each package will be secured.

•An analysis and evaluation of quotations received should be carried out by the QS to establish the most economical / best value quotations and to ensure that the required profit margin is obtained for each package. •The two most economical subcontractors will be examined to establish if they can carry out the work.

•When Frencon secures a contract, the Project QS will place all subcontracts to wall plate level, as a matter of urgency, immediately on signature of such contract. •All remaining subcontracts should be placed by the time 25% of the programme has been completed.

•All Frencon subcontractors will be engaged on the basis of binding contracts. They will be contractually responsible for health and safety of their own team, for their own tools and equipment and for providing all necessary insurance cover. No payment will be made to any subcontractor until there is a contract in place, signed by the subcontractor.

•Prior to appointing any subcontractor, the QS should issue the agenda and arrange a pre-award meeting. The Contracts Manager must attend and the EHS department must be invited to all pre-award meetings.

•At this meeting, ensure that all relevant requirements of the package are clearly highlighted to the subcontractor and the agenda/minutes for Pre Award Meeting is fully addressed and signed by relevant parties.

•In particular ensure that the subcontractor is fully aware of and is in agreement with Frencon requirements for Insurance, Environmental, Health and Safety, Waste Management and general performance. •Check that the subcontractor has a Safety Statement, insurance, and that subcontractor personnel have adequate training.

•If any of these are not in place agreement must be reached with the EHS Manager before appointment.

•Ensure that the relevant section/pages of FRMQS027 (Trade Specific Requirements) form a part of the pre-award agenda and the record of the meeting.

•Ensure that all insurance requirements are presented by the subcontractor at the pre-award.

•In the case of high risk activities such as working at depth, height, breaking out using explosives or specialist works, the subcontractors insurance policy must be checked by Frencon's insurer prior to appointment and written confirmation secured from the underwriter

.•Particular care should be taken in the appointment of groundworks subcontractors to ensure that a very thorough pre award review and meeting is held and that the suitability and capability of the groundworker is confirmed.

•A minuted meeting will be held with the two selected subcontractors to establish their ability to undertake the works. (The Pre Award agenda may be used for this meeting).

•The third most economical subcontractor should also be assessed and retained as back-up in the instance of the other selected subcontractors not proceeding with the contract / being deemed not suitable.

•Enter Subcontractors into Procurement Schedule on the Database, as they are appointed and inform the EHS department.

•Provide the Site Team with details of the Scope of Work agreed with each appointed subcontractor.


Waste Policy


•Ensure that all subcontractors are aware of and comply with Frencon waste policy. This should be done at pre-award meetings, and at every subcontractor coordination meeting. •Where a subcontractor is non-compliant a letter should be sent to the subcontractor reminding them of their obligations.

•The Project QS will review waste costs on a monthly basis and record their analysis, highlighting any issues to the Contracts Manager in writing.•Take action against subcontractors that do not comply with Frencon waste segregation procedures.


New Subcontractors


•Proactively identify new subcontractors for inclusion on the subcontractor database. It is expected that a Project QS will identify at least 4 no. new subcontractors each month.


Variations and Day-works


•It is important to establish effective written communication with subcontractors to ensure fulfilment of their contractual obligations and to avoid variations on the basis of verbal agreements.

•The QS in conjunction with the Contracts Manager is to avoid day-works of any nature on sites.

•Any variations that may arise should be agreed on a weekly basis with the subcontractor and priced on a lump sum basis to form part of the subcontract.

•Appropriate back up must be maintained on file to explain how such variations have arisen.

•The project QS should attend subcontractor co-ordination meetings as frequently as possible. Letters will be issued by the Project QS on an ongoing basis to subcontractors recording issues, problems, progress etc. and confirming verbal conversations. It is expected that a Project QS would issue a minimum of 12 no. such letters each month.

•Frencon employed general operatives will be kept to a minimum on site. This will be done in collaboration with the Contracts Manager.

•Subcontractor packages must include a comprehensive service, completing the job and cleaning up after themselves, thereby eliminating the requirement for general operatives. •If there are general operatives on site the project QS will review their Daily Allocation Sheets on a weekly basis and identify any contra charges to subcontractors.

•Appropriate written notification must be sent to the subcontractor and contra charges deducted from their next payment.Page 3 of 4 B.


Manage Contract from Estimation to Completion


Project Start-up

•The project QS will review the target prelims for the project with the Contracts Manager and will monitor the prelims cost throughout the project and flag any issues to the Contracts Manager on an ongoing basis.

•The Project QS will maintain as appropriate (printed in file) photographic records of all issues raised with subcontractor


Nominated subcontractors


•Review the nominated subcontractor and supplier packages in conjunction with the Senior Contracts Manager/Contracts Director, so as to establish the feasibility/desirability of Frencon taking over these packages. Alternatives should be presented to the Design Team as early as possible for approval.

•Prior to acceptance of a nomination the Project QS (in conjunction with the Contracts Manager) will carry out a reference/background check on all nominees, including a check of previous work history with Frencon (see Subcontractor/Supplier database), review outcome with Senior Contracts Manager / Contracts Director and document any concerns in writing to the design team. If necessary an alternative must be formally requested.

•For nominated subcontractor and suppliers the following information must be requested from the design team prior to review of their packages: oCopy of the tender enquiry; oCopies of all post tender/pre-nominated correspondence; oCopy of nominated subcontractors tender; oArchitects Instruction for the nomination.


Evaluation of work and payment of subcontractors


•Ensure all subcontractors are paid only in accordance with signed Record sheets signed by site personnel, for completed works and are paid on time. In the case of block layers on a weekly basis the Project QS will produce an accurate valuation of works completed to date with appropriate back up and in accordance with signed Record sheets & checklists. Under no circumstances are block layers to be paid on the basis of block counts for incomplete sections / units of work.

•The project QS should visit the site regularly and review the progress of each subcontractor. The project QS should attend site production meetings and discuss subcontractor performance with the site management team. In particular the progress of the groundworker should be reviewed with the Site Engineer prior to any payments.

•Ensure that all subcontractors are aware that their payments are dependent on completed units of work. This must be minuted at the pre-award meeting with the subcontractor. Relevant Record sheets must be attached to each Payment Authority

•The Project QS must visually inspect a minimum of 10% of all elements of the job and sign the relevant Record sheet. Only when the Record sheet contains 1. Start and end date of work, 2. Signatures of two Frencon site management personnel, should the project QS authorise payment for the work to the subcontractor.

•If a subcontractor’s poor performance is impacting on the overall project a review of their contract should be undertaken immediately by the Contracts Manager and the project QS, with a view to corrective action or subcontract determination.

•The project QS will visit site and carry out a measure of work complete in order to submit an accurate valuation to the client/PQS. Adequate back up should be maintained.

•The project QS will re-measure sections of work / packages on an ongoing basis and specifically will carry out a full re-measure after each package is completed by a subcontractor. Adequate back up should be maintained.


Variations, valuations and cost reporting


•The project QS will identify variations on an ongoing basis and maintain a schedule of variations. Variations may be identified from drawings (versus tender drawings) and site records such as Daily Site Diary, Drawing Register, Contract Record and the Information Required Schedule as well as CVIs and AIs.

•Adequate, well documented back up and costings will be produced for each variation.

•Variations will be submitted to the PQS within 30 days of occurrence and should be agreed within 60 days of occurrence. Provide the design team, where necessary, with the cost implications of a variation prior to the design team issuing an instruction for the works. NOTE: Any issues with the adequacy of site records or back up information to be highlighted to the Contracts Manager.

•The valuations, variations and re-measures will form the basis of the final account to the client and likewise the subcontractor and will provide the necessary back up. These final accounts should be submitted within no more than 3 months from date of Practical Completion and should be agreed promptly.Page 4 of 4

•Produce a detailed and accurate monthly cost report on each project


C.Materials / Plant & EquipmentMaterials Schedule


•Ensure that a detailed Materials Schedule is produced and issued to Purchasing allowing at least 6 weeks prior to date required on site (Required dates to be filled out in conjunction with the Contracts Manager). •The Materials Schedule should be structured so that it can be used by Purchasing to obtain quotations i.e. total quantity of each material item for the entire project. •The additional columns in the schedule should list quantities of materials within logical units/sections/zones of the project (e.g. houses) in order to assist the Site Manager in planning materials requirements.

•The Materials Schedule must be updated as the project progresses.

•If a new item is added to the schedule the Project QS must identify the total quantity required for the project. If this necessitates a re-measure this must be done within 5 days.

•The Project QS will maintain as appropriate (printed in file) photographic records of all issues relating to materials on site.

•Ensuring that no plant & equipment is ever hired for subcontractors, the QS should include all plant and equipment within the subcontractors' package. In the event of a client variation requiring additional plant or equipment this is "backed off" to the relevant subcontractor.

•Conduct a review of the Materials Schedule with the Purchasing Department and the Contracts Manager, so as to identify specialist materials, alternative materials which may represent good savings for Frencon and also any potential problems.

•The approval of samples for both specified and alternative materials to be proactively pursued by the Contracts Manager in conjunction with the Quantity Surveyor

.•Ensure that all materials are ordered by the Purchasing department with the exception of roof trusses and specialist joinery which may be ordered by the Project QS with the purchase order number provided by Purchasing.

•During each site visit review quantity, storage and waste of materials on site, highlight issues or concerns in writing (via email, letter or CAR) to site management for resolution. •Liaise with Purchasing department and regularly review quantity of materials ordered / delivered versus quantity consumed by subcontractor e.g. blocks, using the materials reconciliations done by the site team. •Address issues with the Contracts Manager and agree any additional reconciliations required.


D.Design Team Management

•The Project QS will maintain as appropriate (printed in file) photographic records of all issues raised with the design team

•An effective line of communication must be established and maintained with the design team.

•The project QS will attend all design team meetings and will also attend cost meetings with the PQS where required.

•In the instance of the design team failing to provide the necessary drawings and/or briefing materials, it is Frencon’s policy to inform the design team of the time and cost implications resulting from lack of information. The client may also need to be advised accordingly.

•The Project QS will review the minutes of all design team meeting and liaise with the Contracts Manager to advise corrections to the design team. A written record of this to be maintained on file. It is expected that a Project QS would issue a minimum of 8 no. letters each month to design team members

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